Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OK, so I hate school

I am currently in an MLIS (yes, the I is important--so they tell me) program. And, it's awful. Well, it really is not that bad, I just really hate school. The idea of school. The fact that I have to read all this boring crap and then talk about it. For example, here's a direct quote from my ever fascinating textbook-Basic Research methods for Librarians.

"Reliability coefficients are correlations between identical or similar methods, while validity coefficients are correlations between dissimilar methods based on dissimilar operational definitions but measuring the same concepts. In other words, the validity coefficient indicates the extent to which independent instruments or observations measure the same thing."

Well, I'm glad the "in other words" cleared things up. And what the hell do textbooks have against using periods. I swear to god if I see another sentence that takes up half a page by using colons, semicolons, and commas, i might kill myself.

So I totally feel for the kids that come in here during the day to skip. Honestly, I would too if I could get away with it. At least here in Cbus the kids will get passed through. I have to pass with a B+.

Fortunately I am finished next semester. And, I officially put in my PTO request to take my comps in a couple months. Cue the Rocky soundtrack.


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Cat said...

You are cracking me up! Great capture of a feeling I've had, myself. . . . a million years ago when I was in school.